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Why Don't You Try Cookin Up Somethin With Me...
So, I only had a sip of grape flavored smirnoff last night, so I know I'm not hung over...I'm just guessing it was all the things I did in my bare feet last night (which I did everything in but move the straw...I wore shoes for that). I went to look for the camera this morning and it's vanished, so I'm not sure if that means I never took it in, someone took it with them, or dad found it and hid it away because he was so scared that I'd try to download the pictures without him there again. He knows me so well...and I'm pretty sure that's the case so I'm not going to have a heart attack about it. I'm missing three bales of straw this morning, so I'm also guessing dad did something about that. Handcuffs from a certian Andy are on my patio table, that should prove pretty funny to return when I do so today at Lindy In The Park.

I was so glad the chili got eaten up last night. I also believe two little wooly boogers stole all the oyster crackers, but that's more funny to me than anything. Kristin was so worried there wouldn't be any indians at the party last could she know? She was wrong, I believe there were seven cowboys total last night. I believe there was a taking back of land of sorts last night. Hilarious. Becky won the chicken chucking game, Vivian won the roping contest, and Tim and Tita won the square dancing game (of which Kristin kept changing the rules). Good times were had by all.

Now it's on to the cleanup...guh, cleanup. Get along little doggies.
Blogger Becky said...
I think I picked it up off of the "dance floor" and put it on the window ledge by the garage. Did you look there? It was right before I left.

Blogger Viv said...
Can't wait to see the pictures. Just don't show any of me dancing with the noodle. That was a good idea. You and Kristen did a great job.