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Underneath The Bridge Downtown...
So, I was at Sam's Club with mom today and was talking about Sundays' Lindy In The Park and made a joke about being "underneath the bridge downtown" if it rains. She didn't get it. I simply shook my head and told her I was being hilarious. She just kept walking to the car. It's okay. Not everyone has to get my sense of humor. I mean, who really walks around making jokes out of Red Hot Chili Peppers lyrics? I'm sure I'm pretty close to alone in that endevor. It's okay. I enjoyed my joke. I frequently enjoy my jokes when people are around who don't know how to appreciate what I've got going on.

Nothing to report tonight really. I did food shopping & realized there was only one thing missing for this weekend: watermelon. I'm not sure it's a cowboy or indian type of thing, but I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it's a summer thing. Ah well, I still have enough left over in the budget to get a big one. Yay! I have to warn you all that I've begun drafting the next party in my head...Sorry guys, this one's for the girls...I had Holly and Dana and Sam come over to watch a movie with me last night and came up with what adds up to a brilliant idea in need of a proper excecution. I'll get it yet. By the way, this picture is hilarious and I'm pretty sure one of the gals is a guy. See if you can guess which one I'm thinking is not so she-she (I know, I'm using it different than it's usually used).

I'm listening to my songlist once more and I'm thinking tomorrow night should go pretty well. I finally did call everyone on the list with two exceptions: 1) didn't get back to me and 2's) phone number was missing. Ah well, hopefully she's there tomorrow night and I can confirm she'll be there. The party lights will probably go up Saturday morning. Paul's coming in town tomorrow and will be joining me tomorrow night for dancing and will stay for the party on Saturday. Everyone needs to make friends with him. He's a good kid. Don't be afraid to give him a kick in the pants because he takes no mercy on anyone else.

I almost walked out on work by accident today. My head is so full and the calls today were so bad that I slipped into a case of the sillies. I started walking away from the desk having logged out of everything and cleaned up my area...someone on my team asked me what I was doing and I realized that even though I thought it was time to leave, I still had an hour left. Not the first time this has happened in my life, but the first time at this job. We all had a pretty good laugh on me. I gave them that.
Blogger SuzieQ said...
My sister and I make jokes off their lyrics, too. :) That's awesome...

Good Luck DJing tonight!! I think you'll do fabulous.