one classy broad
Skirting Issues In A Conversation Near You...
I was looking in my garden today at all my irises that have finally bloomed. They are predominately purple, having one exception. I have one lonely yellow iris at the front of my yard on the left side. I meant to take a picture of it today, but I ran out of time. It's so lucky to be so unique. I mean, I realize I'm the only one of me, but it's really hard to tell sometimes if it's the truth.

I had a friend call me out today. He told me that I skirt around issues asking questions trying to get somewhere or get someone to say what I want them to without having to put myself out there. I won't deny it. I've put myself out there so many times that being open and honest like I used to be is, at times, paralyzing. How do I do that again? I know half the time I shouldn't say anything and I skirt around the issue because I'm teetering on the edge, but for the most part there are somethings that just cost too much to go directly to the heart of the matter. I digress though. It's about the idea of staring rejection in the face again. Every bit of it.