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Everybody Knows I'm In Over My Head...
I can't sleep. I'm officially over my caffine limit tonight. I haven't had any caffine in three days and today I have tea, twice. So, I'm up and I've found myself at the point of dwelling on my life thus far, which is baaaaaaaad to do right before going to bed, because then you're up all night thinking about it.

It's my six month anniversary as a homeowner. How wonderfully terrifying, but I've gone into that schpeel before.

The truth: I'm lonely lately. I spoke to my best friend for the first time in a month today. She's married and she lives in a small town up north, so she doesn't answer my calls too much anymore and we've lost touch. My brother-in-law is kindofa stumbling block when it comes to me getting sister time (that and her broken phone). The guys in my life want nothing to do with me outside of three minutes they're processing where they want me to go and how they want me to get there (I feel it's really unfair of me to make this a deal, because it's really not so much all of them, moreso the ones I want to give a rip and don't that really make my heart heavy). The guys at work are all too new and it's just too impersonal a place to really get to know anyone. Especially since I barely know anyone there anyway.

Damnit. I said it was bad. It's also spring, which helps nothing. Who gets depressed in the spring? What the hell is the deal there? I guess this is the opposite of spring fever then.

And now for something completely different, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is playing at the Dundee on Friday, and I *will* be there. Let me know if you'll be meeting up with me. Cowabunga.
Blogger SuzieQ said...
You can bet I will be there right beside you! haha After we should "maybe" go to the Donut Stop! mmm donuts :).... <-that's supposed to be drool.

I heard on some news station that spring is the season for high depression. I can't quite remember why, alls I know is that it has the highest sucide/depression rate. :)

Blogger Rebecca said...
Yes! The Donut Stop afterwards! It's a party!