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A Couple Poses For The Camera...
Here's just a few of the many pictures taken at the Cowboys & Indians party. These aren't all of them, they're just the few I've had time to convert.

Black Bart says, "Draw!"

The winning chili made by none other than that fabulous maker of chili: Troy!

Indian Chris trying to coax Troy's chili recipie outta him.

A very blissed Merinda.

Don't mess with Sheriff Marty's moustache. It'll getcha!

A big hat.

Blogger Becky said...
yay! pictures! The party was so much fun. Thanks for the invite. I haven't opened the chicken chucker yet, but I think I might use it to chuck puppy treats- i think the little chickens might be a choking hazard! (Cuz just like a baby- everything has to go in Lexie's mouth) ;o)

Blogger Mae said...
I REEEEEEAAAALLY hate that picture of me...
Speaking of pictures, Troy has the picture of Jonny Lang up on his blog that I took for you. I ran way up by the stage for it!