one classy broad
Taking Care Of Business...
So, it took four hours, but I've cleaned my room, top to bottom. I've dusted, swept, mopped, organized, fabreezed, and danced my way to something I could be proud of. Even this morning I am looking at my room like it magically cleaned itself. How wonderful!

I bought the Vintage Vaults American Songbook from *ahem* Sam's. One of the best musical buys I've ever made. I swear. Even if it were just for four songs, it's totally worth it. Oh Lordy. New songs I'm addicted to:

"S'posin" - Frank Sinatra: I am not Frank's biggest fan. I can always hear the ego in his voice. And he is an egomaniac, I swear. This one's forgivable though. If you can find a copy, I'm sure you can stick it on repeat and not flinch it's so good.

"You Make Me Feel So Young" - Rosemary Clooney: Kills this one. She kicked this song's ass my friends. I looked for a copy on iTunes and the version they have on there is from quite a few years after this version where she's probably in her latter forties, but it's forgivable because she still kills it. My favorite version of this one, by far.

"I Love You, Porgy" - Nina Simone: This is a bone-crushing, heart breaking song. It is certianly not for dancing, but whew.

"Over The Rainbow" - Larry Clinton featuring Bea Wain: I've heard many great versions of this song. My favorite still being Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole, but dear God in heaven this version is just lovely. I couldn't find it on iTunes, I apologize. Maybe it's hiding somewhere else, but yeah...

I've also been working on an art project that I should have sent out Saturday. I'm so fired, I know. It's just a block. I really need to write that person and say I'll have it out by this Saturday. I'm not flaking, really, it's just that I'm so bad at using all the space on a canvas, I really am. That's why most of what I've done has been 1-D or abstract. I'm such a squirrel.

My room looks soooooo good. Yay!