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I've Been Down So Long That Down Don't Worry Me...
I had planned to visit the church of a friend today. I got in my car and drove up to the parking lot. It was a very large church. It was also raining pretty hard. I feel really bad about leaving without making the attempt to park (the lot was full), but I wasn't about to park in the boonies and walk in soaked to the bone. I'll have to call her up later and apologize within an inch of my life.

Instead, I continued on in my car and drove to the Panara on Saddle Creek and got something to sip. I had been listening to The Great Gatsby and proceeded to drive around Omaha, Ralston, La Vista, Papillion, and Bellevue until I was done with the "book". I took a few of my favorite drives (and Dodge & Douglas about two or three times each). I couldn't go home. I was too engrossed. I didn't really see a thing aside from the car in front of me, red lights, and my windshield wipers.

To Suzie: Skip over this paragraph if you haven't finished the book yet, I'm gonna talk about it.

I've decided that if Nick Carroway were actually someone I knew, I'd be terribly smitten with him. He'd be a bit of a coward in my eyes, but I don't think it would matter much to me since the book never talked about him regretting never having spoken up. I've already made F. Scott Fitzgerald my computer background because I'm so infatuated. And that poor, poor Gatsby...dear Lord I don't know why I let books affect me so much.

I just got my Billie Holliday cd back from my sister via Trevor. How wonderful. I will admit, there are a few songs that I don't care much one way or the other about, but the ones that I care much for, are GREAT. I'd actually only had a chance to listen to it once before Kristin snatched it up. It was a present from a few Christmases back from a friend that I don't think reads this blog. Kristin's had the cd for over a year and a half now and it's about time that I get to listen to it again. It's so lovely.

It's a green day. The rain, the music, the book, everything has added up to one of those days that only comes up during the early spring when the world is coming back to life. These are the kind of days that make the rest of the year bareable, the kind of days that reminds me that God did put some sort of balance and harmony into everything. I'll be content if this day makes a long pause before ending.
Blogger SuzieQ said...
:) Who doesn't enjoy the beauty of the rain?!?
Thanks for the note on skipping the paragraph! I am still reading it, I haven't for awhile, though. Maybe I'll go rent the book on tape as well...
OH I won't be at the Meeting Place tonight. Just to let you know.

Blogger Viv said...
It sounds like a good book. I do better with books when they are on tape. Missed you at the Meeting Place tonight. Oh well, I'll see you at Trovatoes.