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I Could Tell You I Walked In And Owned The Place But I'd Be Lying...
New job started today. I walked in with floppy hair and a great sweater and just clammed up. It's okay though. I sat next to two kids named Brian and doodled during a day full of ethics training and 401(k)/medical/dental insurance talk. Lunch was interesting. It is a true departure from my last job. If I ever considered moving up the ladder, this would certianly be the next step. I felt terrible for yawning so much, but it was one of those days where I guess I knew a lot more about the job than I thought I did. I'm sure tomorrow will cut me right down to size though.

I had a talk with my mom tonight. I mentioned that I'm worried about her and how I see that she's depressed and mentioned the possible causes. I had a feeling that her temperature was boiling, but she never blew a gasket and we didn't end up killing one another. I feel fortunate to be alive. I don't tell my mom that kind of thing anymore, but I couldn't hold this in. She's had too many blow-ups in the last couple of months for it to be coincidence. Maybe she caught on. I hope she did. She's beginning to wear on me to the point that I'm getting pissed off that she's not shaping up and shipping out. I really love her. I do.

My body has fully recovered from this weekend. No more need for pain killers.

And now for something completely different, a letter:

Dear *_______*,
Things would be so much easier if you'd just read my mind and comply.
Blogger Becky said...
The first day is always standard issue information- no matter where you are. I am sure the interesting stuff will come soon- maybe after you actually start doing the job- orientation won't last forever (thank goodness).
I am impressed that you talked to your mother about your concerns- that is always so hard to do, with anyone- but especially your parents. Good for you!