one classy broad
Hunka-Hunka Burnin' Cake...
(Disclaimer: Not Logan's actual cake.)

It's Logan's birthday today, he's 1 year old. How exciting. I bought him a baby cellphone and an Elvis card. I cleaned the bathroom for the party tonight and have taken several Alive to relieve my knee pain. It's not severe, it's just that mom woke me up after only five or six hours of sleep and didn't give my body time to recover. I advised her in a polite manner that this will not be happening now that I'm home every Saturday, and if she keeps it up, I may have to give her the smackdown. Then she laughed at me.

I start my Charleston class today and I'm so excited. I hope everything goes as never know what'll happen on a rainy day.

I can't seem to get away from the All-American Rejects song "Move Along." It's everywhere I, today I enjoyed it.