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About Getting Crunk...
Well, I finally gave up on reading The Great Gatsby. I have no time. I bought the audio book instead, so I've been listening to that on the way to work and around town when I drive. The guy on the audio book sounds like he's talking with water in his cheeks. It took me three chapters to finally be able to ignore that. I'm really liking it so far. I'm also thinking that I missed out on my calling in life. How cool would it be to be the voice on an audio book? Almost as cool as being the operator who gets to tell people when numbers are disconnected or whatnot on regular landlines. Sad.

I love dancing. I could talk about it all day. I'm playing back random cds from my collection and just going stupid. I'm doing laundry, so I'm in my pjs and typing during the slow songs, so if this is a bit disjointed, just know I'm having fun. Dancing to hip hop is hilarious when I'm involved. Let me tell you. You'll all likely never see it, but just know, it deserves a chortle and a snort. I can hear my neighbors mowing their lawn. If they've noticed me, they probably think I'm nuts.

Tomorrow is take the bills to the post office day. I just want to say, as cheesy as it feels because I've said it a million times before, I know God's in this. In me owning this house. I've been out of work two weeks and don't get another paycheck for another week or so, and everything bill I have is paid for. I told Him from the beginning that I knew I couldn't do it on my own and He's done nothing but provide time after time.

I'm gonna go change loads. Tomorrow's jean day and I like my jeans dry.
Blogger Becky said...
So glad today was a good day for you! I was at the opposite end today, oddly enough. Oh well.