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What Would Sydney Bristow Do...
Oh children. It is a lot better than I thought it was. It's only a cold. So, I should be well pretty soon. I feel bad for the kids at work with me. They're all doomed. I was in the bathroom at work and about three or four of us were blowing our noses at the same time. It was pathetic.

Poop news: Sarah is in Des Moines now. Heather's leaving in three weeks for New Hampshire. I am left with no friends at work except Kristina--who has failed to return my last three calls & sits as far from me as the east is to the west due to our jobs.

So, the plan is to apply elsewhere, make new friends, pray that my meeting goes well with my counselor tomorrow & make something of myself so I can do something I enjoy for the rest of my life.

This has to be the most bland entry .ever.
Blogger Viv said...
How did your meeting go today?