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Wake Me Up, I've Landed...
I was thinking about this today. I downloaded Ben Folds' iTunes Originals Version and listened to Landed - a song I've heard a hundred times or so - and thought to myself, Ben and Rowlf need to make a record together. Or Rowlf needs to make a cover album. I'd totally buy it. I miss Rowlf. He's kind of like a hero to me. He was wise and melancholy at a time when I was the same way. Jr high was a bit of a wreck for me. I remember watching all of his monolgues in his movies and taking them to heart. That was dog was a peep to be sure.

I need to find a way to make that happen. I mean, if John Denver, Weezer, and Jessica Simpson can be homies with Kermie and the gang, Ben Folds and Rowlf can collaborate on a song or two. That'd be so kickass. Next thing you know, you've got a Muppets revival. I mean, comeon, Jimmy Fallon & The Electric Mayhem live in a comedy club near you? That'd be hot. People would be spreading all sorts of rumors about Pamela Anderson and Gonzo...I'm tellin' you, it'd be something amazing. The Swedish Chef with his own show on the Food Network? I'd steal those receipies.

I should start writing letters now..."Dear Jim Henson's son," --
Blogger Becky said...
i'm all for the swedish chef on the food network. that would be awesome.

Blogger Viv said...
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Blogger Viv said...
I remember Rowlf :-)