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The Sleep-Deprived Life...
I love my friends. I love the fact that I finally have more than three friends for the first time in two years. I'd trade sleep for friend-deprivation and a half-empty love tank any day of the week. I love that I'm living more sleep-deprived than ever. It's not sarcasm either. I love the fact that my parents are now calling me "nap girl" because that's all I ever do at home - take naps/sleep. I'm finally getting quality time in with people and it's been so long. It's hard to have quality time with people whose lives you know better than your own. Not that I have a clue about Kristin, but mom and dad...I see them every day all day and can't have a decent conversation with them without breaking into how our church is falling apart or how much money I have/don't have.

I needed friends desperately. I was so close to giving into old socially-retard tendencies. I thought I might spend some time singling out a few new friends and discussing in what way I feel like I've been sharpened by them.

Kristin - My sister & totally my best friend. I thank God that we get to be such a close part of each others lives. She is the spirit, the wisdom, the frankness, the silly, the understanding that is required for me to have some semblance of growth each day.

Kristina - Ears and a wide-eyed pupil, I can't believe she let me have any place of leadership in her life. I'm so thankful that she let me impart any wisdom or foolish ideals to her and that she worked with me to bring them down to earth and make them tangible. I'm thrilled that we've finally moved on to that place of equal footing and that she's found someone else to pour into.

Sarah - A second sister and cheerleader. She calls me her guru & I haven't the slightest idea why. I haven't been anyone's guru in a long time. I believe she's a gift from God to me to remind me that he's not finished using me. I've seen a lot of His mercy to me in our friendship.

Heather - Another second sister and cheerleader. She's so wide-eyed and honest and open and excited about life that I can't help but feel completely refreshed when I'm around her. I don't sense a single fake bone in her body and love her for that.

Vivian (Vivvy, Vivvers, Viv) - She is who she is. Loves like there's no one unlovable and no one who doesn't want to be loved that won't be loved. She is all heart and gives to no end. She is a force to be reckoned with & I pray God blesses every effort she's made.

Troy'n'Merinda - Family. I appreciate so much the environment of family I feel from these two. They'll take anyone in and make them a part. They find the lone wolves and weave them into the group. They're great teachers, great encouragers, and great people. I feel so honored to know these two in the short time I've known them.

Billy'n'Lindsay - Talk about two people I'd keep in my pocket if I could. If ever I was in a situation where I was forced to trade my sister in (which will never happen because I'd throw my body in flames to keep her) I pray I could find someone with half the love, sincerity, genius, and philanthropy that I find in these two. They sharpen me with (nearly) every word that falls from their mouths & remind me that I am not just another body to populate a census.
Blogger Viv said...
That was so sweet and encouraging. I'm really happy God has brought you into my life and sometimes think about how I should have taken the chance 5 years ago. However; God's timeing is perfect.