one classy broad
Says The Girl With A Smirk...
I am in a mood lately with all this crunchy goodness I like to call "winds of change." I was looking it up on, and yes, I believe it to be cheeky. I will not mention how much I was flirting last night (and maybe this morning, but that's another issue altogether), but I will say that it's completely out of character for me. I am the last person in the world to be brave, but I went for it last night. Of course, all cheek was focused to someone who set themself up for it. I've come to terms with it (seeing as I can't really take it back) and I'm okay.

I've decided my favorite part of Saturday nights is NPR. Jazz Junction kicks ass. I'm listening to a song I really want, but I didn't pay any attention to who's singing it or what it's called. Poo.