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Pictures Brought To You By The Letter "K"...
(Gracias Kristin!)

I think most of these pictures speak for themselves, but there is a story that I should tell you...

Right about this time, I received a text message from a phone number that I've never seen before. I shall share the exchange for you.

Strange #: Whats up with u 2nite it was all good really wasnt finish hated 2 rush call me Its Hard For Bitches To Get Money Like A Real B.
ME: It is hard for bitchez to get money
Strange #: Well everyday cant be xmas Its Hard For Bitches To Get Money Like A Real B.
Kristin: Um. You're calling my sister. We don't know who you are.
Strange #: Oh! I'm so sorry, I thought I was texting a friend.
ME: Who was that?
Kristin: Some girl. Wrong number.
Jenni: (laughing hysterically)

Ben did some fun tricks, like kicking ass and taking names. Also turned into a ball of fire.

It was an exhuberant you can tell by the fact that Billy's eyes were on fire!

This was us at Old Chicago. It's slowly becoming the one place Kristin and I are always invited to, because that's where all our friends go. No problem though. They have kickass spinich artichoke everything.
Blogger Viv said...
HEY!!! Yeah! I remember that girl. She was an MC!! I don't remember if she was in the same class as you though. It looks like you had a great time.