one classy broad
For Once In My Life...
Self-motivation is murder. Anyone who has it is just a really good probation officer. I however am letting my self-motivation get away with anything. I keep denying my watch over it and ignoring all rules of probation. The only thing that keeps me keeping watch is a little green card that requires some punches. I'm not completely awful at following, but I do have a tendency to follow all the bunny tracks, too. I know, long metaphor, and possibly incorrect at that.

Tomorrow is day two of my new journey into self-project: ship up & shape out. Rediculous name, I know. That's because it was the first thing that came to mind. My jeans are slowly getting smaller and I don't want to stop the process, I want spur on several hundreds of dollars worth of jeans that get progressively smaller. Yes, I'm laughing at myself when I write that because I know what my success rate has been at following through with anything in my life. Three month winds, right? I'm already in a bad place if I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to take my gym bag with me to work tommorow. Doomed, eh???

I keep trying to figure out if I should make all this information public and thereby have to be held accountable and be humiliated if I poop out. Am I trying to make this something to help motiviate me? Bah.