one classy broad
Early To Bed...

Not to be outdone (by no one but myself, of course), I just challenged myself to five minutes of pictures on Google of yawning...I was yawning after the first picture. No kidding. So much for some sort of record.

I actually have a night with nothing to do. I just finished watching Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightley version - not as amazing as the A&E version - but still kickass in it's own right) with mom and now plan on cleaning up and catching some much-needed Zs before I am to marathon through tomorrow and work on Saturday morning and spend Saturday evening driving to Branson. This is going to be a weekend to plow through for sure.

I was looking at my calendar at work where I put *everything* - all scheduled events, all last minute gatherings, all future endevors. I have been so busy and I didn't even know it. How do I miss something like that? I haven't been so busy since my senior year of high school. Does that make me a kid again? It should. My calendar was littered with stuff. I'm sure my circadian rhythym is out of whack. It would certianly explain why I physically feel like I'm treading water all the time. Holy crap -- am I getting old?