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Driving In Your Car...
I didn't get home until 2 last night. I had to call in late to work this morning so I could wash some clothes to go to Missouri tonight with my mom and not feel like a blue tongued skank or something.

I had so much fun last night. I didn't realize that being part of a documentary would involve takes. Heh. I guess the way they're doing this thing, it's okay. It's not like genuine social dancing can really be scripted anyway. Oh, that floor was so slick last night. I was using every muscle in my body to stop myself. My arms and shoulders are like rocks this morning (yesssssss!). Also, kickass, they played the King Porter Stop. I *heart* the King Porter Stomp!

They kept on Kristin like white on rice last night. That girl knows how to do some hair and makeup (I even got comments on her work on me), makes complete sense. She did look pretty authentic. Nate caught that her dress was really from the 70s though. The amount of knowledge in that guys head never fails to astound me.

That was over early enough. It was Old Chicago that broke me (hi Kate!) - and the fact that I drove Kristin, so I had to take her home. It was just as much fun though. Before we drove off, there was in impromptu show by Lindsay, Billy, and Kristin. I thought I was going to ruin my trousers. HIGH-larious. It's funny how no matter how silly they were being, they were still damn good. HIGH-larious - and in the rain and my car's headlights, no less.

So, I've been approached to dj for future JNOs. This both excites and terrifies me to no end. I like to consider myself to have a little knowledge of music and it's workings, but I'm still pretty ignorant to jazz as a genre. I feel like I'm about to play catch up now. I mean, I relize it's no great pressure to do so, but woot. It's still important that I live up to my own expectations. I am my own worst critic, I know. We'll see if and how this all goes.

So, I guess it's off to work now.
Blogger Viv said...
SHEEZE!! You startled me with this new template. You really looked great on Friday.