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The Doctors Like To Call It "Sinusitis"...
Well kids, I'm officially sick. Again. I'm choosing to believe my lack of faith in my line of work is weakening my immune system because I haven't been around animals or smoke in the last week or so to cause my body to go haywire.
So, I tried some of my sister's cinnamon toast martini last night and all I could taste was tylenol. I do not know why people drink alcohol. It is not good. I mean, maybe my distaste had something to do with the Vicks inhaler or the lack of smell, but dear God in heaven that was awful.

Speaking of cinnamon toast, I was in the mood to make some french toast this morning. Come to find out, mom and dad didn't check the eggs this time and there are no eggs in my fridge. Made me wanna cuss. Pathetic, I know. I get really whiny when I'm sick. Good thing no one's here to hear it.

I've slept the majority of the day away. I should probably be doing laundry or something. I have no motivation right now. The not really being able to breathe well is kind of sapping all the motivation from me. About all I have the strength to do right now is walk over to my bed and close my eyes.

PS: Boo on Sunday tv. That is, until about 2100 hrs. Woo Grey's Anatomy.
Blogger Becky said...
I love Grey's Anatomy too!! I love Patrick Dempsey... McDreamy was a good nickname.