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But Above All, Try Something...
So yay.

Things seem to be going in the right direction for me. I have an interview for a new job on Monday (yessssssssssssssss). I pray to God that this works out for the greater good of my sanity.

I have been getting so angry at work lately. I get to the point where I've turned all my co-workers into grumps with me. That makes me feel awful. I am not that type of person at all. My entire presence is altered the second I drive up to the building anymore. Who knew more than two and a half years would be my limit. I really wanted to make it to three years. I really did. It's just that the job has become so stressful that it's taken a toll on my health. I don't get heartburn outside of work. I get so depressed so easily that I spend all my free time sleeping.

I had the most stress-free day today (which still isn't saying much because the stress is still heavy - being responsible for lives and whatnot) after going into Metro yesterday and putting my application in online last night. I have no idea what I'm going to do if this job doesn't work out. Bah.
Blogger Becky said...
good luck!!

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