one classy broad
Walking The Down-Spiral...
So, I thought about taking time to hibernate this week after such an intense month of party planning. I thought about it. All of a sudden, my parents are taking their vacation, so I'm left here alone in this house. Well, will be Wednesday through Monday anyway. I hate being left alone anywhere for any extended period of time. I should start making arrangements now for a firepit night. Any good movie suggestions are always welcome. Friday night is taken care of, but the rest of the weekend is pretty free to sit around and freak out.I'm sure this wouldn't feel so hard if I were a turtle. I mean, it's not like a turtle ever has to think about anyone else being home.

As soon as I figure out how to work my scanner, I'm gonna post some art. I've been inspired lately. Mostly by Alice Through The Looking-Glass. Maybe that's what I should do this week. Actually get the book and read it...or rent it. Although that might stir up more trouble than it'd cure. That Lewis gotta wonder what it was he was on.

I'm waiting for Kristin to bring over the camera to post the party pictures. I know you're all waiting...I'm not ignoring you.