one classy broad
There Are Birthdays I Just Don't Remember...
So the folks are out of state again. I did some dog shopping this week before they left just to make me feel better about the situation, but I have realized that my time for pets is past. Not that I don't like the poopies, but I get a little more sick than I used to, a little more easy than I used to. So, other than advertising to the world that it's just me for the next week, I just have to fill the week up with stuff to keep my mind off the fact that I'm alone in my house (which is, in all reality, pretty big for just one person).

On a side note, my best friend's birthday was today. Damn Milford (not really, it's just irritating not to have her around anymore). Bah. I have no idea how we've lost touch so bad. I didn't remember it at all. I feel like a brick of stinky cheese.