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So Fresh And So Clean-Clean...
Happy "Clean The Dirty Room Beast" Day, kiddos! My stairway has become a hub for all of the crap I leave downstairs and don't take upstairs. There are clothes and magazines and bills and goofy Valentine's Day socks with giant lips on the heels instead of little pom-poms that need a home somewhere in my room where I can't fall over and die.

I've finished watching season one of Gray's Anatomy (the wicked awesome Valentine I bought for myself), so I've lost that excuse...unless I move on to the Sealab 2021 season one excuse. Hehehe...I actually plan to start that one later on today though - after I start my laundry. I'm a bad laundry starter-upper. Well, actually, more of a bad laundry finisher-upper than a starter-upper, but who's really judging me on how wrinkly my clothes are as long as I don't smell like butt.

Ah, to tame the beast...the dirty room beast that has nested it's ugly little self in my room. Only good times will be had domesticating it though. Unless I'm able to come in direct contact with it while I have a trash bag in my hands. Mwahahahahahahaha...!

I've started a new mixed cd list. So far I've gathered Ben Folds, Kings Country Queens, The Ditty Bops, Thicke, Bleu, and Roisin Murphy. Looking for a little more indie honky tonk type stuff, maybe some comedy music...I may actually have to look up some Weird Al for this. I'm really into the accordion and the dulcimer lately. Oh! I'm also looking for some really peppy ragtime. Anyway, it's been fun looking for the music for this one since I've moved on to learn some sweet moves that require a shift in music prefrence...any suggestions would always be appreciated.

And now for something completely different:

Dear boys (although by boys, I mean the three of you in general),

There are too many of you out there complaining that you have no one to date, that you're lonely, or that you wish someone would like you like *that*, and yet I'm 25 and have only been ignored or rejected. In spite, you all seem to hold a deep unbelief and an unending knowledge of this little factoid. So, some of you have some damned explaining to do.

Fussfully yours,

Edited to add:
I had a friend of mine message me with this response.