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I Wonder If I'll Be Held Responsible For This...

Ah yes, today was Rex Manning Day at the beckstraordinary household. The epic tale of those silly kids down at Empire Records was seen by all who bothered to show up (by which I do not mean the ones who called me, even if I didn't get back to you, I still hold high regard for you...the ones who didn't even bother with the phone, I stick my tongue out at you).

I made my famous Rex Manning Day cupcakes - funfetti with strawberry icing & sprinkles. I still have about 15 of them left. Heather brought Eric and Romeo (her beau and her new puppy). Holly showed up (yay!). I popped in a couple episodes of Sealab 2021 for Holly and Kristin, and we learned about how Captain Murphy is/was HIGH-larious. Billy, although under the strictest of orders, showed up at 11 anyway (sleepy mcsleepervilles), but totally made up for it by bringing a spread and a ton of movies. Kristin picked out I *heart* Huckabees, and we busted a gut. Lindsay showed up and the party was complete. There was fun and sleepy feelings had by all.

So, I know I've been on the "guys" topic for a while now, and there's no real segway into the issue from where I was. Soooo...

It's funny telling my story again. I keep meeting new people and the subject always finds it's way to relationships somehow. I think I should just become mute or start to lose my voice when people ask me about guys anymore. I know I don't believe cliches anymore, and I'm pretty sure I've learned to mistrust my instincts. I do have the feeling I'm missing out on something, and people just keep perpetuating that. Well, people - my sister...nah, it's people. So, I guess as I go on lonliness is inevitable, but at least there are periods of apathy or ignorance to look forward to. Heck yeah.
Blogger Mae said...
Sorry we didn't make it over.
Club 108 was such a dead zone, but I'm glad I went.
My best friend... Becky, wanted to get out. It's Mardi Gras weekend you know, and she was living in New Orleans for most of the past year.
We had a great time drinking hurricanes and dancing to music while heckling the place.