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Signs You Should Leave Work And Go Back To Bed...
After taking three lovely sick days from work and visiting a merciful doctor who gave me a lovely little note and drugs that are taking their precious time to get through my system, I have decided that two more sick days are essential to my wellness. You see, the first three were merely to help me get aquainted with whatever the heck it is that's cycling through me. NOW, however, it's about fighting this thing to the pain.

I went to work this morning to see if I could make it, but I sat down and as soon as I got my first call, between the typing, the listening, and the screens changing on me, not to mention everything going on around me, I got so dizzy I could hardly concentrate - let alone breathe. I also started coughing so hard I almost tossed a cookie.

Alas, I packed up my things, bid everyone adieu, braved the morning traffic and came back home to celebrate my fight with my bed. Shall I dance tonight? Sure. I'm taking tomorrow off too, so I'm sure washing my hands every five minutes won't be a bother to anyone. It's not a cold, it's a sinus infection which as far as I know, doesn't bother anyone but me. Le sigh. Le snooze.