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Enough Notice To Grow Out Any Facial Hair You Might Need...
So, rock on, it's a new year with a clean slate. I smell good things everywhere, in spite of the fact that I have a cold and can't physically smell anything at all. It is a good place to be, my friends. A good place.

I currently have a bowling night to organize for my church. It was suggested we do one way back in October, so I've taken it on as my New Years resolution to have it done and planned before Sunday. No prob Bob.

After the bowling night however, there is a new party just beginning to stir in my sister and myself. Let's just say it's a rockstar party, and there will be dressing up, and that is all I have at this point. There is no specific date, but if you feel you should start growing out your hair and/or facial hair to look like your favorite star, START NOW.

So many possibilities on the horizon.
Blogger onionboy said...
okay, don't schedule this one over the top of the monthly jitterbugs game group. i think we are looking at 1/21 & 2/11.

i can grow all the facial hair i need in about 7 days, but it comes in gray, what's the point?

Blogger Rebecca said...
Eric! If I've told you once, I've told you a million times! You are not the boss of me! ;)

Blogger Viv said...
No, no he's right. Please don't plan on those nights. I really want to go to your party. Unfortunatly I can't grow anything on my face. The 21st is at my place. You and your sister are invited. Trever can come to. No facial hair required.

Blogger Rebecca said...
Just joshin around, Viv. There are no clear cut dates for anything yet.

Blogger onionboy said...
um, if i'm not the boss of you, how come i let you boss me into starting my goatee back up for this party???