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A Cure For The Common Sisunderstanding...

This is where I tell you all how much I like and love my family. I realize that I'm one of the lucky ones who even with the tiffs, gets along so well with my family, we're the weird ones. I mean, I believe the reason for this is because we got all our disfunction out when Kristin and I were junior high aged first going through adolescence. Granted, it was still tame compared to what some of my friends went through with their families, but it didn't take much to get all the crap out of our systems early on.

I think it may also be because for the longest time, we've always been the only ones we've had. We grew up a military family. I admit, it's been hard breaking Trevor in because we're such a tight family unit, but once we all finally click (which we've had our moments of family with the Trev, but he hasn't been one of us long enough to have the family dynamic completely down yet), I think people will start noticing how silly and solid we are as a unit.

I think for military families, it's usually an extreme. The military families are either so tight the word could be spelled with extra o's, or they are so disfunctional, the fun leaves as soon as the youngest kid turns 17 and leaves the house.

My family rocks so hard guests leave the house with welts.
Blogger Viv said...
It's so sweet to see you and your sister together.