one classy broad
And It's Good...

I had an interview today. I'm pretty sure I kicked it out of the ballfield. Unfortunately, my feet are still in recovery because of the heels I was wearing to make an impression. I believe before today, the last time I wore heels was back when Brad and Kristina got married in May or April 2005. I'm a once a year heels girl. I always walk out of them into ice or hot, hot water. Today was no different.

I still haven't told my family about the interview, or that I even applied for the job. I mean, Trevor knows, but that's because he works with me and because when he applied, I didn't want there to be a terrible shock if I got the job and showed up in the same training class as he did. On the other hand, I haven't told my parents because I don't want to raise any false hopes. That and it'd be nice to make my mom crap her pants if I get to drop a bomb like that on her.

I don't know how much I want the job. I'm at that place where I'm finally comfortable again with the people surrounding me and I just want to stay there so much. I realize that if I get it, it's only a move across the room, but there's all sorts of etiquette that I have to abide by once I pass the "upper management" status. It's all a large jumble of crap going on inside my head. I have two weeks to enjoy how things are now though.