one classy broad
A Whole New Set Of Experiences...
So, I've discovered so many new emotions I didn't even know I could have. My "well" of experience (I have a well of experience and a well of non-experience) has just been brimming lately because it hasn't settled because I keep pouring new experiences into it. So, I've felt ownership over things before, but nothing like this. I imagine it's only about a nth of what Sarah felt the first time he held Issac, but dear God in heaven. I didn't work three days on my yard because now that it's mine, I'm supposed to. I did it because I'm so proud and excited and damned more lucky than I should be to have my own home. What did I do to deserve all this? I can't imagine it was ANYTHING I've ever done. The times I've been foolish sure as hell outweigh the times I've been faithful, I know that.

My Secret Santa this year sent me my FIRST piece of art. Ever. From someone else. From not me. From not Target or Walmart or Pier One. From not Japan. From not my parents stash. God in heaven, I couldn't be more excited! I wish I had a quality grade scanner, when I get one, or get off my butt and get it scanned from Kinkos or something, you shall all see it. In the meantime, the above picture stolen from A Very Long Engagement will give you a teeny-tiny idea. It's such an ungrand stolen picture from the internet, you have no idea how wicked AWESOME this art piece is in comparison. I'm so jealous of it. It is now a piece of my house.

And tonight, I dance.