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When I'm Nervous, I Like To Stick My Fingers Underneath My Arms And...

Found a picture of my sister on the net from the Jitterbug's Halloween party. She went as Mary Catherine Ghallager and won first place. No kidding. And as if that wasn't great, it might sound silly, but I think my body is changing it's shape with all this dancing. I'd almost swear my butt has risen about two inches. Not gotten smaller, but risen like a helium-inflated baloon. It's interesting the things you recognize about your body when it's changing and you're not thirteen years old and oblivious.

My second set of party invitations were hand written, stamped and sent. I'm getting so excited for the season it's killing me! I'm so bummed I have to go back to work tomorrow. I just want to spend every hour of every day getting my house ready for my first ever Christmas in my own home. I'm so tempted to keep using my sick time and just not go back until the 2nd of 2006, but who has enough sick time, really?
Anonymous topcat said...
rebecca, it sounds like you are making a nice life for yourself.i hope your party goes well and i sincerly hope you have a great christmas in your new home with long lasting memories and sincerly from topcat