one classy broad
Reconsider Your Approach...

I bought the best icebreaker in all of creation today. It's The Book Of Answers by Carol Bolt. It will be a party hit, I practically garantee. So fun.

The Christmas shopping is going well. I swear my sister is the easiest person in all of God's creation to shop for. I can't stop buying things for her. I spend half the time in shops thinking, "Oh my gosh, that's so Kristin." Then I turn around and think, there's about four other people in my life that I need to cash in on. I've got Logan finished and am working on Trevor. My folks went and bought every toy ever made for my niece, and my sister and brother-in-law are taking care of the stocking, so I am having the darndest time. Really. Mom and dad are the usual gift card/stocking stuffer. I always try to buy them books, but they are never read.

Good thing it's a three paycheck month!

My first set of party invitations have been all filled and passed out. I have the junior highers invitations to fill out tomorrow and mail Monday. I just remembered I also have Sunday school tomorrow morning (crap). I have been living busy. I still have a couple paintings I need to finish and start. I hate to say it, but work COMPLETELY feels like it's only getting in the way of my life. Ugh.

I hung stuff up in my room this week. My new calendar isn't good for another 28 days, but it's up. I've put up all my paintings, even the unfinished ones. I need to paint a wall or two so bad it's killing me. I also need to poly my floor something awful, although it's so slidey I don't know if I should tamper with it. Decisions, decisions...