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Party On Wayne! Party On Garth...

Party central is preparing itself to be in full effect. I'm gearing up with a little "Rockin The Suburbs," baybee.

I have liquor in my home for the first time. Wild Turkey and Hennesy, as well as the German dark rum that my dad has. Martha Stewart, you friggin lush, this egg nog recipie better be friggin sweet and be consumed like candy tomorrow or else you owe me about fifty bones. Sixty, if you add the cost of shipping from Germany. I'm a little nervous about it, but the recipie calls for just about all of the liquor to be used, except for the rum. Sends nervous shivers down my spine just thinking about it. I haven't a single plan to consume any of it. Just to watch the effects...mwahahahaha!

All I have left to shop for this Christmas is my mom. I shall write a letter to her:

Dear mom,

Please be easier to shop for.

Blogger onionboy said...
you didn't tell me that you were goig to have liquor! now i wish i could go. :-(

btw/ you are now linked on my blog... have a nice life.

Blogger onionboy said...
sorry i missed your party, i am thinking of starting a blog for jitterbugs parties so we don't schedule over one another.