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Moments That Only Come When I'm Not Anticipating Them...

So, things with me and Jesus haven't been the worst. We've been getting along famously. I've been honest with him. I've been meditating on his word like I usually do. I've even, lately, been good about listening to him. I have, however, been seeing signs of static that would incline me to think that right now, it might not be enough to simply be at that point. Who doesn't love a challenge, right?

So, we've got this kid living in the basement on and off, and he's just stirring up all sorts of dissensions. Trying to put ideas in my head that aren't and generally causing me to backtrack and rethink. A lot. It's beginning to affect me spiritually and I'm beginning to get pissed off enough to where if he keeps it up much longer, and doesn't move out on his own, I'm gonna bust his spiritual ass.

Now, I hear your thoughts going a hundred miles an hour, but the truth is: YES. Jesus would have taken him in if he'd had some place of his own. YES. Jesus loves him. YES. There are so many other things Jesus would have done. BUT. Jesus would not have ignored flags of ignorance or mischief and would not have blindly tolerated such behavior. He never did. He called a spade a spade, and I'm just about at that point.

So, if you see a certian man leave my house in tears with all of his stuff, just know I didn't suprise him with anything. I've been getting there boldy, to his face, since the beginning, letting him know I tolerate a lot of things, but will not tolerate blatent misuse of my charity and/or trust.