one classy broad
Clean PJs - Dirty Laundry...

Ah, another week has passed without a bar in my closet to hang things on. So I sit here, typing away, when I in all reality I should be folding jeans and tee-shirts like the good girl I am. The days are getting long without anything to do anymore. I need another party. Maybe a Rex Manning Day...Oooooo.

On a sad note: I have no class on Wednesday.

I leave Friday for St. Louis for a rockin' New Years weekend. At the very least, there will be fireworks involved. Literal ones. Don't get your hopes up for me, kids. I've done that enough for both of us. Literal fireworks that explode and produce colored fire. Woo. If there are by any chance of God, figurative fireworks, I wouldn't hesitate in mentioning it.

*Here's to not smelling like a clothes basket.
Blogger Big Ben said...
I once rented an apartment and looking in the closet and it didn't have a bar or a place to even hang a bar?