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I Only Do It Because It's Mine...
I have a double lot. We started raking and clearing flowerbeds and cutting down rogue branches. My dad and I counted the walnut trees in my yard. Officially there are 14 and they all need to be cut way the hell down. Not to mention all the friggin lilac bushes that are going to kill me come spring.

I had squirrls yelling at me all day because we were invading their territory. The mailman and one of our neighbors, Chuck, told us that no one had touched the yard in at least TWO YEARS. No wonder they were racing back and forth across the lawn. They were trying to protect their territory.

So far, we've cleaned up about a third of the yard and that was 6 hours of work. I pulled a muscle in my arm and nothing I've taken has done anything to quell the pain. At. All. I've been crying tears it hurts so bad.

And I have to start the process all over again tomorrow. Ugh.
Blogger Justin Kreutzmann said...
those darn yelling squirrls.