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Heaven Had A Baby...

God loves Jesus. Jesus has a birthday. God loves a party. Also, He loves sushi. I'm certian of it.

So kids, the holiday season has just begun. I'm spending the entire day filling out Christmas cards, party invitations, making menus, putting up the tree, and doing laundry. The planning process is in full force.

My junior high girls will be here on the nineth to make many sugary treats and watch a fun Christmas movie or two after school. I think Kathy wants to make it a sleepover, but I think she keeps on forgetting that I work Saturdays, which will probably give her a reason to lecture me about communication again. I'm really good at communicating with everyone else but her and John. The girls and their parents are never confused.

On the 17th, I'm having my first home party with my sister and a handful of our friends. I'm more excited than a puppy with a new playtoy! Kristin's making sushi, and I figure we'll make something lovely for the less venturious paletes. I don't know if we'll do egg nogg, seems like a complete mis-match with the menu. I also don't know that I want to do liquor in general. Still teetering on that issue. There will be many sugary treats made out of unprocessed ingredients. People should walk away with their belts on the floor, bay-bee.

I also need to have an official housewarming party one of these days. I may wait until January - which reminds me I have a family bowling night to plan for January also.

I'm going to St. Louis for New Year's! Kristin, Lori, Erica and I are going to try to sneak into a swing festival. Should be a grand old time! I'm so excited. I finally get to use my UNITED vouchers from last Thanksgiving. My adrenaline's pumping just thinking about it.

And this, my friends, is what you might call: The high point. If life would plateau at this point, I think I could be okay.
Anonymous Holly said...
HEY BECKY!!!! Well i hope your party will be lots of fun! Whats with you in sushi today? haha well anyways I hope you rlly like your house and that ur guests are stuffed afterwards.....SUSHI WITH EGG NOG! yuck!

Blogger Viv said...
Hey What's Up. It's me Vivian. I found your blog. I wanted to say that I like Sushi to. Mmmmmmm Isn't sneaking into the swing festival illegal? Oh well, I know you'll have a great time.