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Just Dropping A Note...
I can't get away from the bugs. I had a dragonfly hop onto the antenna of my car and just coast down 360 with me...hitchin a ride without a sign or anything. How presumptious.

You should send a postcard to because it could save your life.

Oh, and the answer to the challenge is Faye Dunaway. I wasn't paying attention to the list, so you're not imagining this lovely edit. Rumor is she's a diamond, still in the form of a lump o'coal. I know, ow.
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Posted by Evan Derkacz at 10:28 AM on September 1, 2005. Condi goes shoe shopping in New York and gets shamed by a New Yorker.
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Blogger Orsino said...
Once I got a phone call from my friend who was living with her parents, and the Caller ID said "Chris Webber." Not the basketball player Christ Webber, but it still gave me a thrill (though).

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Jason Mraz wasn't on the list.

- Fly, who can't log in for some reason