one classy broad
She's Always Got Another Hair-Brained Scheme Up Her Sleeve...
I got a suprise application in the mail today (which wasn't so much of a suprise as I forgot I sent for it). I'll be sending it out within the next two weeks (after I figure out how in the world to find my ACT score). I figure there's no harm in sending it out. It's a step closer to something I've always dreamed of.

I was afraid of showing the app to my folks because they've always shunned the idea of me being anywhere but where they are...and it's a semi-expensive school. I eventually let them know what that big white envelope on my floor was and they did something completely out of character for them. They took it a step further and are trying to figure out how to help get me there.

My dad said something to me today he's never said to me before. Granted, I got him at a low point because he was sick today, but hey, I'll take what I can get. He said, "Becki, just follow your dreams. Even thought it's been hard, I've become a better man for it." It's a BIG change from, "No."

Exciting, no?