one classy broad
Like Ketchup On The Meatloaf...
Dear Lord in Heaven above...this has been one of the most obnoxious weeks in my entire life. I swear, if they ever make a time travel machine, I'm coming back to the moment I filled out my Master's Commission application and saying "eff it." I'll just run off to some school my parents have no agreement of and do whatever the hell it was I wanted to do in the first place. Then maybe I wouldn't end up here.

Turns out my lease is barely legal (even though the old manager managed to justify it all away in her head somehow) and the apartment manager decided to mention it in front of some of my friends out looking at the apartments. My boss keeps coing at me with crap and looking at me like the wheels spinning in her head are spinning, "Why can't I just fire her?" My head is being innundated with stories to where I'm having a hard time concentrating on much of anything. It's just too much.

I've been flying off the handle. I need a new life or something.