one classy broad
Drinking Pepper Spray Is Dumb...
...but boy how I love my Starbucks Tazo Chai. It's cool and creamy on the tongue and burns holes all the way down. Yum.

Against all odds, I signed up for downtime at work today. I got to go home at 11:30. It was lovely. I cooked dinner for the family and went to buy some new pants. All was well until I got home and realized the security tag hadn't been taken off. It's one of the ink tags, so I'm trying the freeze method first. My pants are in the freezer as I write. Great, huh?

I have plans to read, write, paint, and listen to an obscene about of music this weekend. Lord willing, I'll also be going to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Looks like fun on the big screen this weekend. I'm on an entertainment/creative binge these days. Its the only thing that's keeping me from just running away. Wheee...