one classy broad
Stealing Time Is Fruitless...
So I went a'driving today in my lovely new little town. There's a lake about a three minute drive from my house. It rocks the Casbah. It does. It's clean, it's around new construction, and it has: a fishing dock, boat dock, picnic tables, a playground, a place you can take your horses (I have none) and ride down trails, and a cement trail with benches the whole way around the lake for walking, jogging, and biking. There are mostly baby trees out there, so in the dead middle of summer it may suck for lack of shade in places, but it's still beautiful. I don't know if they'll allow swimming, but I don't get the feeling that's what the lake is there for.

This whole Papillion thing is beginning to grow on me.

My room is almost finished. I need to find some art to put up (I have something in mind) and find a rack for my dvds, but other than that, things are looking really great. Even the rest of the apartment is beginning to perk. I'm also thanking God that my bedroom door has a lock on it. It's been nice, even if my parents keep knocking. Now if they'd just lay a little sod...