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It's Gonna Be Just Like My Wedding Day...
A friend of the family's died today. She was in a car accident last night. She swerved to miss someone who cut her off and her car flipped over. She sustained massive head trauma and was brain dead by the time she got to the hospital. This was about 2100-2200 last night. They took her off ventilation about 0730 this morning and she died sometime around 1000. She was twenty-one years old.

Michelle was a good kid -- terribly rebellious, slightly abusive, and at times ornery as sin, but when she was good, she was great. She was always slightly out of place, but always the kind of girl who put you on the edge of your seat. Her days were extreme, not moody, but powerful...she lived her life, whether we all agreed with her or not. I believe she struggled with the concept of God's changing power, but still understood his love and his consistency in her life. I know she's moved on to the rest of her life, and part of me is jealous because I knew where she stood, but part of me mourns her and the role she played in my life.

In spite of this tragedy, I believe God has a plan for Michelle's life. I don't know who it will touch, but I believe that through her struggle, someone else will find faith.

If you read this, and you are willing, if you could send out a prayer for Michelle's family. They're taking this pretty hard and they could use the comfort that your prayers will bring them. Thank you.