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When Saying "No" Costs You...
Why is it that family members are always the most volital relationships in a persons life? Why is it that God made family to be the hardest barriers to break when it comes to a complete life? You share the same blood running through your veins, but sharing the fact that you want to say "no" to that blood sometimes is, in fact, a no-no. Yes, they can feel free to bully you, and bully you, and bully you, but try to fight back and blood is shed.

I had a psuedo-fight with my dad and sister because of something my mom volunteered me for. Kristin is so pregnant at this point that she's just pissed off at me to the point where she accused me of not taking responsibility for my actions (which I have from basically the beginning). Then dad gets pissed off because I've pissed off a pregnant woman who happens to be his baby girl. And of course, mom's off in Chicago where she can get away with everything, scott free.