one classy broad
The Night Before...
Taking stock of a year in which you've come no closer to meeting your goals than when you started is nothing but haze. I'm a little closer to owning my car, but I am no closer to owning a home. The place I wanted to buy on Mission St. has been sold to someone who hasn't made anything of it. I am still no closer to figuring out what in the world I'm going to do. I feel as lost as ever and although a lot of things are looking up, a lot of things are as muddy as they ever were, so I'll give you the highlights so you don't feel as down as I'm making you.

~I got to vote and although people will razz me for voting Bush, I voted the President in.
~I wrote 8 chapters of something that I haven't finished, but it's there...for when I finish it.
~Steel Magnolias auditions. I can still make people laugh. It felt good. I have auditions again Monday.
~Bass lessons. I can play Smoke on the Water.
~Woo-hoo...boys who play me -- directly or indirectly. Good times.

Happy November Birthday to me!