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The Things We Do When We Don't Want To...
Well, I'm terribly excited, I start bass guitar lessons today. I have six and a half hours until the lesson, but I'm restless nonetheless. I'm excited to actually learn something, to be accountable for all the crap roaming around in my head. I'm excited to become competent at an instrument.

My mom and I think Rachel Ray is an alcoholic. I could almost swear by it. On her 30 minute meals shows, every one of her desserts are liquored up...brandy, burbon. On her $40 a day show she has alcohol to drink with every meal. She also has a bad relationship with her mother. She's always saying crap like, "My mother would tell me to do it that way, but I like it this way, so I won't do it that way, MOM."

I get to vote on Tuesday. I love voting. I've always loved voting. All this sudden hopping on the bandwagon is nice, but man, I appreciate my consistency to the offices of this state and this country (as far as can be voted in by me). Good for me.

In two weeks I'll be 24 years old. In two and a half weeks I have auditions. In three weeks I'll be in Washington DC.

I go to DC in three weeks! GAAAAAAH! I'm terribly excited.