one classy broad
A Letter To The Editor...
Dear Josh Groban (whom, to my knowledge, is not an editor),

In regards to the Omaha show: As much a doink as you may believe you are, I appreciated everything last night. Although it was in no way an intimate performance, my monther, my sister, and I felt connected. Especially when you broke out in My December, SNEAKERBOMB! You didn't think we'd figure it out? Mwahahahahahaha...of course we would. The moment in the middle of America, not quite as entertaining as Adam Duritz's bug swallowing, but we got the chuckle. Kristin and I've decided that to make your new single complete, you need castanets. Many castanets. Kristin says dancers, too, but I figure that's more of an esthetic thing than something that needs to be added to the music. Oh, and I bought the some Deep Forest. TRICKERY! Eh, it's not my favorite, but there is a jolly song on the cd I bought. Makes me want to dance around in the snow. Sad it's the middle of summer. Ah. Anyway all that's to say, holy crap, that was an awesome concert.

Come again, you're welcome any time.