one classy broad
Jobs That Work For You...
The truth is that I've never worked at a job longer than a year and a half. I always take that step up before hitting the 2 year mark. So, I'd imagine it's natural for me to feel itchy about wanting to change my job...BUT I WANT TO SO BAAAAAD. The sad thing is that I'm a woman with no plan and enough debt. I need a job that'd pay me upwards of $10 an hour and let me work 9-5ish, Monday though Friday and still give me enough liberty to be myself at work. I have no real skills and plan to go to school next April (after I finish my freaking application). Part of me wants to say screw it all, get a loan, and open up the coffee shop I want in my neighborhood...but the half that's working at ADT right now is saying, I need to be patient and wait.

Which me wins?