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Can I Get A Witness II...?
The Step You Take After You Realize You're *Not* Such A Moron...

*this is a continuation of the saga that is Becki and the boy at work who flirts with her*

So, I dared to move. It's nothing major, but the flirting and no talking is driving me NUTS. So today we had our breaks at the same time. I didn't know, so I was walking past the break room with the lockers and saw him sitting there. We smiled (me rather sheepishly because I was chickening out). We waved. I walked on to drop my lunch at one of the frigidares and talk to a friend. I had about 5 more minutes left, so I dared to *gulp* go back.


I was gonna chicken out again, but my gut was saying *YOU MORON!!! IF YOU DON'T TALK TO HIM, YOU'RE GONNA HATE YOURSELF FOR IT!!!* So I walked over (he was alone in the break room...alone...this was bold for me) and sat down next to him. We talked for the good 5 minutes. He asked me if I was going to college (*note: ask him although you know he want's to be a baseball coach and a special ed. teacher). I told him no, but I had gone to seminary instead. We talked about our religious affilliation for a minute. He asked me how old I am (I completely thought I was older than him...I officially have no idea how old anyone is anymore now.), 23 to his 25. I swear I thought he was maybe 21. We talked about the game for a minute...he doesn't like the Lakers. Then I had to go back to work.

>THAT'S NOT IT...maybe<

So, we get off work at the same time. He scuttered out before I did...although when he went to leave, he went to my side of the parking lot (THAT'S IT! I win stalker status...I swear). When I finally made it to the door, he was coming in. I have NO idea what he was doing going that way, but I know his car wasn't that way, and I didn't see him follow anyone out. I don't know if he went to find me, but when he came back in, he had the *biggest* grin on his face .ever. when he saw me. I just wanted to go up and kiss him. I did. I'll admit it. I wanted to sooooo bad. God, I hate rejection. Also, he's too tall for me to just do that. That's why I just wished him a good night. I didn't find any notes plastered to my car. No one was out in the parking lot when I went out there. I have no idea what he was doing. I just know my stomach is killing me and I'm in a million knots.

I'm standing about five feet above the clouds.