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Masterpiece Theatre Kills Brain Cells...
I'm addicted to Masterpiece Theatre now. By the time I get home on Sundays, it's half over, so I have to wait until it comes back on at 04:00 to see it in full. Bah with this schedule. At least with the big shift change I'll be able to watch it at 01:00 instead (just as crazy, I realize...don't judge me, I know you all have your vices). I ended up buying Doctor Zhivago on vhs. I may end up suckering up a buttload of money to own both The Forsyte Saga(s) on dvd if possible. Me and my period pieces. I've become addicted, I tell you.

In other news, I was watching Carson Daily's late show last week and heard this song that honestly kinda enchanted me into spinning circles (I didn't litterally spin, but I was close...I felt like Cinderella or something). The woman singing it is Leona Naess, and if you get the chance, the song is called "Ballerina." It kicks me right in the gut. I bought her cd tonight on the way home at WalMart for $10. If you're into music that reminds you of those green summer rains, she's your girl. Of course, if you're into music that reminds of you those green summer rains, I'd also suggest either the new or old Norah Jones, of which I'm sad to say, I didn't purchase tonight. I'm a tightwad.

Added chapter 3...because the world needs more pink.