one classy broad
For The Days When Your Hair Is Too Long...
So, I think LewAgentSmith from work was going to walk me on the way to my car after work. What did I do? I walked the opposite way, trying to act as ignorant as possible. Partly because I wasn't quite sure what I would do...(probably say something regrettably stupid)...and partly because my car was on the opposite side of the building than usual. Ah well...there's always Monday. MAN that guy freaks me out.

Also, tonight, I found my personality doppelganger at work tonight. Her name is Amy, and she's me, but on a mucho larger scale. MUCHO, MUCHO! Her favorite movie is Amelie, she's in love with Jason Schwartzman, we both went to rent Lost In Translation this weekend but couldn't for one reason or another...and I get the feeling she has a crush on LewAgentSmith...he just freaks me out is all. She lived in London, wants to go to Japan, I've lived in Japan, want to go to London. Yeah, it was a little odd. Doppelganger, I tell ya.